Posted on 09 April, 2019 in Connect and Dream with the Bakewell Mob

Connect and Dream

Connect and Dream


To finish off Term 1 2019, Connect & Dream with the Bakewell Mob (CDBM) were lucky to have a number of guests visit the school and activities to participate in. Today four of Lachlan's colleagues from the Youth Outreach Re-Engagement Team came to Bakewell to assist with the BBQ lunch that featured crocodile, kangaroo and sausages on the menu.

Gavin Greenoff, Youth Outreach Re-Engagement Officer, spoke about growing up in Tennant Creek and Katherine and explained how participating in sport improved and enhanced his life.

Ian Bateman, Residential Manager at Saltbush Mob, introduced the students to the traditional game of Buroinjin which was originally a ball game played by the Kabi Kabi people of South Queensland. This game was originally played with a ball made of kangaroo skin, which was called a Buroinjin. The game involves two teams running and passing the ball towards the goal without being touched. The students enjoyed practising Buroinjin and then listened to Ian’s life story and how he believes education is extremely vital for success in life.

Next week, during the school holidays, CDBM will take the students with the top 7 attendance percentages on an excursion to participate in Couch Surfing to support Youth Homelessness Matter Day and to further support the importance of attendance at school.

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