Early Childhood Learning

We cater for children in a range of Early Childhood Programs including:

  • Playgroup
  • Preschool
  • Transition



Bakewell School Supported Playgroup caters for children from birth to 4 years of age with the intention to provide families with an educational environment. Important and rapid cognitive growth happens very early in life. 

So we deliver the Abecedarian Approach to teaching and learning which is designed to enhance children’s cognitive, emotional and communication development and readiness for school.

The Playgroup is reflective of the Northern Territory Government Great Start Great Future: Early Years Strategic Plan, providing children in the Bakewell Community with the best possible start to education and building parent capacity.

Preschool curriculum

Bakewell Preschool embeds the Northern Territory’s Preschool Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework into daily routines and explicit teaching. This focuses on developing children’s social and emotional skills and supports their english and maths. We prepare all Preschool students to become successful learners and ready for Transition at Bakewell Primary School the following year.

Key areas of development

The Preschool curriculum addresses five key areas in children’s development:

  • identity
  • communication
  • well-being
  • learning and thinking
  • connectedness - how to interact fairly and respectfully with others

Supporting development

Children are exposed to structured and unstructured play-based learning activities that nurture english and maths skills, build fine motor and gross motor skills, develop higher order thinking skills and support social and emotional development.


Bakewell Primary Transition students engage in a rigorous, academically rich and positive Explicit English Program. This is delivered as a daily two hour literacy block integrating reading, writing and phonics.

About Transition

Transition provides an environment where children have the opportunity to further develop appropriate social skills and the prerequisite skills for English and Maths in a structured learning environment.

Preschool to Transition

There is only one intake of students per year from Preschool to Transition. This intake is at the beginning of the school year. Students entering Transition must turn five (5) years of age by June 30 of the year in which they commence Transition.

Outcomes of the Transition program

  • Confidence and self-esteem
  • A positive attitude to learning
  • Fine and gross motor skill development
  • Cooperative play
  • Learning to listen and follow directions
  • Language development
  • Emotional maturity
  • Cognitive development
  • Development of independence, self-reliance and initiative
  • Care of their environment
  • Developing pre-literacy and pre-numeracy skills
  • Fountas and Pinnell reading levels
  • Jolly Phonics 42 sounds and 72 tricky words

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