School History

A modern school with humble beginnings

Bakewell Primary School started from humble beginnings in 1999 with 220 students. Today Bakewell Primary School is the largest primary school in the Northern Territory and caters to over 750 students.

Our beginnings

The Official Opening Ceremony was held on Wednesday 4 August 1999. The school was originally designed to cater for 360 students and a staged development plan was put in place to increase the enrolment capability to 480 students. The school has seen significant change and growth since then becoming the largest primary public school in the Northern Territory.

The Bakewell Preschool was the first to open its doors commencing on Monday 12 October 1998.

The Bakewell Preschool was the first to open its doors commencing on Monday 12 October 1998. The preschool originally catered for 23 students, today Bakewell Preschool caters for 88 students.

An Independent Public School

Bakewell Primary School was successful in gaining Independent Public School status in 2016. Bakewell is the ‘School of Choice’ for families living in the priority enrolment areas of Bakewell and Gunn.

Bakewell Primary School delivers ‘Excellence in Education’ and takes great pride in offering an extensive range of programs and services. One of the key factors making Bakewell a ‘School of Excellence’ is the close connection we have with our community. We believe optimal learning occurs when the school, home and community work together in partnership.

About our Priority Enrolment Area


Bakewell is an inner suburb of Palmerston and is 24.9 kms southeast of the Darwin CBD. Bakewell is bounded to the north by Buscall Avenue, to the west is Chung Wah Terrace, and to the south and east is Lambrick Avenue. Development of the area dates from the 1990s. Bakewell is named after Edward Howard Bakewell, an original land owner. For many years he was Managing Director of the Willowie Land and Pastoral Association Ltd., which held large freehold and leasehold properties in the northern parts of South Australia and the Northern Territory.


Gunn is named after Aeneas and Jeannie Gunn, who were originally from Melbourne. They were married in December 1901 and commenced living at Elsey Cattle Station in 1902. Gunn owned a quarter share in the property but died there in 1903 from Blackwater fever. Jeannie returned to Melbourne and in 1908 wrote the book “We of the Never Never” based on her time living at Elsey Station. The book was made into a film in 1982 and shot in the Northern Territory Outback. The film won an award for best cinematography.

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