A learning centre for all students, staff and parents

The Bakewell Primary School Library has over 45,000 resources including 12,000 books for students to borrow and take home to read at their leisure. Alternatively they can utilise library time to read in a happy relaxed atmosphere.

Students are encouraged to use the library and the resources especially during lunchtime when planned educational activities and games are available.

About the Library Program

The Library Program supports and reinforces the educational goals of the school and students. The program supports and develops the following skills:

  • Enjoyment of literature and improve literacy.
  • Introduction and exposure to a wide variety of literature.
  • Locating and selecting resources appropriate to their needs.
  • Source and evaluate information.
  • Appreciate that learning is a lifelong experience.

Each class has a regular 30 minute session per week for book exchanges and/or literature sessions. The use of library bags is encouraged at all times to protect our valuable resources.

A learning environment

The environment is welcoming, stimulating and engaging and provides teaching staff with curriculum based resources for teaching and learning programs. Our School Library also provides students with quality resources that promotes and supports individual reading experiences.

Borrowing library books

Preschool to Year 3 can borrow 1 book at a time. 

Years 4 – 6 can borrow 2 books at a time.

If more books are required for research purposes further loans may be organised. All loans are made for 1 week but students may exchange each day or negotiate longer loan periods if required.

Overdue loans and damages

Unfortunately it is necessary to disallow further loans if students have outstanding overdue loans. When overdue books have been returned normal borrowing rights will resume. In the case of lost or badly damaged books/resources it is expected replacement costs will be met by the student/student’s family.


We encourage parents to volunteer in the library as it is a great way to gain understanding about the supports that are available. We have an extra resource area for teachers to utilise for class projects.

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