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About our School Canteen

The Bakewell canteen supports healthy options for all students by following the Department of Education Canteen, Nutrition and Healthy Eating Policy.

Our canteen, fundraising activities, excursions, school sport events, before and after school programs involving food and drinks comply with the food and drink categories outlined in the Policy.

The Bakewell Canteen will aim to:

  1. Provide an enjoyable, nutritious and attractively presented selection of food and drink at reasonable prices.
  2. Help reduce health risk factors by encouraging the development of good eating habits consistent with the Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents.
  3. Function as an efficient business enterprise.


menu and price list  is available to parents at the beginning of each semester and is revised regularly. Students can order their lunches in paper lunch bags supplied by parents and taken to the classroom. 

Orders written on paper lunch bags need to be placed by 8.30am daily. In addition, our canteen has online ordering for lunch orders.

Online ordering

Register online and place orders with the Bakewell School Canteen. 

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