Independent Public School

Bakewell Primary is an Independent Public School

In 2016, Bakewell Primary School was successful in gaining an Independent Public School status.

What is an Independent Public School?

Independent Public Schools are not private schools. They are public schools that still operate within industrial and legislative requirements and still have support from the Department of Education, however operate under different accountability and governance structures.

More about Independent Public Schools

You can find out more about the Independent Public School program on the the Northern Territory Government website.

How does this help Bakewell Primary?

As an Independent Public School, Bakewell Primary has the autonomy to make decisions that better suits the needs of students and their families. Having flexibility and autonomy to make better use of resources and better educational decisions to maximise student learning outcomes.

Independent Public Schools have a School Board rather than a School Council, with the opportunity to pursue creative models of sponsorship and industry partnerships.

Here at Bakewell we are committed to ongoing school improvement and are consistently creating learning experiences through innovation, providing your child with the opportunity to achieve their highest potential.

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