Student Leadership

Student Voice

At Bakewell Primary School student wellbeing and positive relationships are paramount and as such we value the student voice.

About Student Leadership Roles

Students have the opportunity to take on various leadership roles developing important lifelong skills. Student leaders represent the whole school and continually promote the school mantra - Positive Relationships and High Expectations.

Student Leadership Council

Year 6 students can be nominated to become a member of the Student Leadership Council (SLC), there are twelve positions available. Nominees present a speech to an assembly consisting of all students from Year 3 to Year 6. We encourage the nominees to highlight their achievements, leadership skills and their contribution to the community. An election is held to determine the winning positions.

School Captains

The School Captains and Vice Captains are elected from the SLC. All members of the SLC have the opportunity to complete a Nomination Form outlining their strengths and attributes to hold the position. The Bakewell Executive Team will conduct interviews with the nominees and determine the School Captains and Vice Captains.

House Captains and Colours

On enrolment each child is allocated to a House team. The House Captains are elected from Year 6 and House Vice Captains are elected from Year 5 using the same guidelines as the SLC selection process.

2020 School Captains,Student Leadership Council and House Captains

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