Student Leadership

Student Voice

At Bakewell Primary School student wellbeing and positive relationships are paramount and as such we value the student voice.

About Student Leadership Roles

Students have the opportunity to take on various leadership roles developing important lifelong skills. Student leaders represent the whole school and continually promote the school mantra - Positive Relationships and High Expectations.

Student Leadership Council

The Student Leadership Council (SLC) consists of ten Year 6 students including the school captains and vice captains. Students nominate to become SLC reps, present a speech to their peers and are elected based on student votes. An interview process is then conducted to appoint the school captains and vice-captains. All students in SLC are also a part of another student leadership group. 

The Northern Territory Learning Commission

The Northern Territory Learning Commission (NTLC) student leaders are made up of fifteen students (ten Year 6 and five Year 5 students). Students involved in the NTLC are given the opportunity to grow their agency through analysing their school’s data to identify patterns, networking with other schools, researching and surveying staff and students to find areas of improvement in the school and taking action to make change for students and their learning.

School Captains

The School Captains and Vice Captains are elected from the SLC. All members of the SLC have the opportunity to complete a Nomination Form outlining their strengths and attributes to hold the position. The Bakewell Executive Team will conduct interviews with the nominees and determine the School Captains and Vice Captains.

House Captains and Colours

On enrolment, each child is allocated a house team. Each house has a girl and boy House Captain and Vice-Captain that leads the team. These students are nominated by their peers at the start of each school year. The team names represent different species of geese and aligns with the ‘goose philosophy’ of teamwork, support, encouragement and cooperation, and is closely linked with our school mission and values. 

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