Posted on 17 May, 2017 in camp quality

Camp Quality Travelling Puppet Show

Camp Quality Travelling Puppet Show

On Friday 24 March the Camp Quality Travelling Puppet Show performed at Bakewell Primary during the whole school assembly. This was the first time the puppets have performed in front of such a large audience as Bakewell is the largest primary school in the Northern Territory. 

The puppet show helps to answer some of the difficult questions students might have about cancer, dispels common myths and teaches students how to be supportive and understanding of other children living with cancer. 

The puppets provide a fun and interactive way to build awareness for any child affected by cancer, whether they are living with cancer themselves or have a friend or family member with cancer.

 This program helps schools to create supportive environments to open up to common myths and misconceptions about cancer in an age appropriate way.

The students enjoyed engaging with the puppets and shared a fun filled time during the program.

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