Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Bakewell has a strong focus on STEM and as such we have a program that encompasses the learning areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The purpose of the STEM curriculum is to provide students with opportunities and a variety of experiences across these learning areas to develop 21st Century skills.

Our approach to STEM

Students at Bakewell develop their inquiry skills through scientific investigations. It also gives them the opportunity to use their design skills to create and build objects and devices to solve a problem or be used for specific purposes.

The program includes opportunities to integrate Design and Technology with Digital Literacy through the creation of products such as, but not limited to, stop-motion animation which also allows cross curricular links to areas of English and Maths.

Robotics and coding

We have implemented a whole-school Robotics and Coding Program to embed digital technologies based on STEM principles. As part of the Bakewell STEM Program we have an exciting and innovative Robotics and Coding Program with a strong investment in Spheros and Lego EV3 Mindstorm robots.


Our Robotics Program exposes students to:

  • engineering principles and systems
  • Science components
  • materials and technologies specialisations
  • creating design solutions by investigating, generating, producing, evaluating and collaborating.
  • use of peripheral devices (Digital Technologies Knowledge and Understanding)

It also allows students to gain greater understanding in:

  • digital systems
  • representation of data
  • collecting, managing and analysing data
  • creating digital solutions


Our Coding Program exposes students to:

  • scientific principles and concepts
  • mathematics
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • technology

It also allows students to gain greater understanding in:

  • data use and representation(Digital Technologies Knowledge and Understanding)
  • use of algorithms (Digital Technologies Processes and Production Skills)
  • Information Communications Technology

Extra curricular events

Bakewell Primary School students have the opportunity to participate in the Junior RoboCup Challenge and other Robotic Competitions within the Northern Territory.

Learning outcomes

The Bakewell Robotics and Coding Program addresses the learning outcomes prescribed in the Australian Curriculum: Digital Technologies in the areas of:

  • Digital Technologies Knowledge and Understanding
  • Digital Technologies Processes and Production Skills

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