Defence School Mentor

Defence School Mentor

Making a school transition easier

Our Defence School Mentor (DSM) is like a School Support Assistant but employed to assist the children of Australian Defence Force (ADF) families transition to their new school.

About our DSM program

Often children can have some challenges making new friends and adjusting to the new routines. We can assist you and your children feel engaged in the school community and to refer to other community services as required.

When do I contact DSM?

  • Upon enrolment to advise of any special needs or special programs required.
  • If your child/children is experiencing any challenges whilst settling in.
  • When an ADF family member is deployed to ensure appropriate supports are in place.
  • When postings occur so appropriate support can be provided in collecting information about your child’s/children’s anticipated new school.
  • If information is required about Defence Education Assistance (DEA) programs eg; tutoring.

Who do I contact?

Contact the Bakewell Primary DSM or the Regional Educational District Liaison Officer (REDLO).

Bakewell Primary DSM

Phone: 08 8997 7400
Email: [email protected]


Phone: 08 8935 7906

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